Vidéo, 3'01 We better get used to the fatality. It is maybe the only true and certain friend that
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"Deua Haswad Khalil, 17 years old.Deua was spotted in the streets of Nainawa with a Muslim boy.The Ezidis and the
Miss will become Madam when she will have a child or a husband.Madam should learn to suffer in silence.They will
Performance in collaboration with :Albandre Mbemba Kiapa - @amk___art andIvan Stoyanof - @aangelicasummer Destination is a 15 minutes mute opera.
In a modern world, we still ask if all bodies tan…In our modern societies, we still think that dark (brown)
08'27 min Take back what belongs to you.Give back what belongs to people.//Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016 | Around 3 p.m., Vassil